In the framework of the project we evaluate different kind of technologies from CT, to photogrametry, pasing by surface scaning and MRI.

Surface scanning

Two major technologies exist in surface scanning : the laser-scanning and the structured light.

The consortium will evaluate both of them using low cost and high-end commercial equipments from the NextEngine, Minolta, Faro, Breuckmann and Steinbichler companies.


Photogrammetry is a technique that reconstruct a 3D model on photo bases. Different software exist like VisualSFM, Photomodeler, Agisoft Photoscan, Arc 3D...


Motion-sensing is the technology use on Kinect, Xtion and Carmine. Originaly used for game on Xbox 360 console, the device was hack allowing it to be use as a 3D scanner. The device features an RGB camera and an infrared laser projector for depth sensing. Several software exist for motion sensing, among them : Scenect, Skanect, Reconstructme, KScan3d...